Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It is a blessing to have so much GladWare. Even if it's piled up too high, spilling out of the cabinet, and so abundant that you finally just give up and put the whole stack out in the garage to be dealt with later.

It is a testament to all the people who love you and served you by bringing meals to you when you needed it most. It is the remaining symbol of everything that was prepared, warmed, seasoned, blessed, and brought to your home. Thank you to everyone for your care for our family, whether it was tangible or intangible. We felt loved the whole way along. I won't talk about the extra five pounds sitting on my hips from the wonderful desserts that came with those meals. I'll just say thank you.


  1. ..ah sigh, just visiting from the chatting at the sky links, sending blessings and feeling uplifted in someone that finds such gratitude in all of your anxious moments.
    wishes for more grace

  2. What a beautiful picture of love... I love to worship and praise God for His body working the way it was meant to!!
    I am worshipping Him with you today for all those "glad ware" and even the extra pounds! A(I know all about that... I have the "furlough fifteen" hanging on from all the meals people have taken us to! All for His glory! :)

  3. How profound - to see the blessing in the Gladware... Seriously!

    I am so happy for you and your husband. I'm afraid that I haven't been following your story - I linked up from Emily's, but it looks as if you've had some wonderful news... I hope that he continues to recover.


  4. Cara - I hope you get this, but having just passed my one year check up (and all clear) I was wondering how you guys are doing.