Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A generous gift

Over the past few months, our family has received a number of "get well" gifts. We have been amazed by the generosity and thoughtfulness of so many as we've answered the doorbell to find fruit baskets, flowers, catered dinners, books and DVD's, t-shirts, and other gourmet treats. I wanted to take some space, however, to highlight one specific gift that we recently received. The other day, FedEx delivered a box from The Dignity Foundation.

The Dignity Foundation is a local organization that serves cancer patients nationwide who are struggling with hair loss and the body image issues that it can bring about. A letter we received along with the package outlines the foundation's mission, "The Dignity Foundation specializes in providing affordable, stylish, and comfortable quality headwear, wigs and hair pieces to patients experiencing hair loss," and "we will continue to service the needs of cancer patients in Orange County, and ensure their inner beauty continues to shine."

Our thoughtful loved ones sent us a Men's Sample Kit. It was beautifully packaged.

We were so excited, after reading about the products' high-quality "mono-top and fully hand-tied styles" which feature both "state of the art technology and handcrafted quality."

Wait a minute! What the...?

Are these from Spencer's? Hey, hold on! The letter is signed by "April Furst", like...April Fool's?

Our "sample kit" included the Tacky Toupee, The Dred Wig, and The Super Mullet Wig.

Collin did not want to participate in the modeling. He said, "Are these pictures going on facebook?" He was not having any of it, but did enjoy Cade and Daddy's fashion show.

In truth, there is no Dignity Foundation. This is the handiwork of our good friend, Garet Binckes -- practical joker extraordinaire. Garet, you've certainly outdone yourself this time. If Nortel doesn't work out, I'm sure you can always find a job on Punk'd, Candid Camera, or maybe some branch of the CIA where they spy on people while fronting a fictitious business.

It's true. Laughter is the best medicine.


  1. Maybe when Reese gets his hair back, he should go blonde. It is quite smashing really...
    Smiling with you!

  2. I'm so glad you appreciate--or should I say tolerate!--my husband's borderline sense-of-humor!!

  3. That's our Garet!! I see Reese is smiling and looking rather dashing, as a blonde. Prayers are with you daily. Hugs, Aunt Peggy.

  4. Oh my...I was totally falling for this one! My eyes were misting at the thought of such a wonderful organization. Garet Binckes, you ROCK!!! I agree with Stephanie, Reese is quite the hottie as a blonde!

    I can't wait to see this stuff in person.

  5. Another professional option for Garet may be to help missionaries come up with realistic sounding platform options for creative access countries. (smile)

  6. Thirsty, that is brilliant! You know what? I bet Garet could create some VERY official looking visas too :)

  7. Michele EhrenbergMay 13, 2009 at 7:36 PM

    That is hysterical!! I was totally falling for it... I even thought for a moment "I wonder why we never knew about this when my mom lost her hair to chemo?" I had tear in my eyes... then tears from laughing so hard!

  8. hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that we are praying for you and your husband - and his healing. My husband (31 years old) is coming up for his 9month check up scan. He went into remission end of last year. God is in complete control.
    love from South Africa