Friday, May 1, 2009

Bring in the reinforcements

Yesterday, Reese got a boost in the form of a new nausea medication. It's called Emend and is a 3 pill pack that he can start in anticipation of the really bad nausea, take for three days, and still benefit from for another 2 days after. If all goes as planned, that should give him additional relief through Monday, which is when the worst of the side effects started to lift in round 1.

I have to say I was a bit shocked when the Target pharmacy tech rang up my bill for $133 (and that's our copay after insurance!). I also have to say that if it works like it's supposed to, I'd be willing to pay at least four or five times that amount. If the nausea lets up, he might actually have time to be bothered by the other side effects: ringing in his ears, headaches, insomnia, mental fog, and swelling. He's got all of those too, but they pale in comparison to the frustration of the constant nausea. He's been a great patient this week -- no complaints or grumbling going in today. Yay for the final EP treatment of round 2!

The Emend does seem to be having some effect already, that I can see. Reese is really wiped out after today's infusion, but he's able to eat every few hours and keep it down so far. He even had a tiny bowl of Ben & Jerry's last night while we watched The Office. Any small improvement is improvement, and I'm thankful for it.

Speaking of the Target pharmacy, I was completely alone (no kids) at Target for what seems like the first time in months. Dave and Steph had taken all of the kids out for an afternoon of fun and I had 45 minutes to wait for Reese's prescription to be filled. Forty-five minutes all to myself to use the regular changing room, not the handicapped one where you have to shove your kids and shopping cart in while they whine and drop popcorn all over the floor, yet I could not find a single thing to try on. What is wrong with me? *Gasp* What is wrong with Target?


  1. We loved, loved keeping the kids. My kids were talking about it again today! Ellery's "Ahoy Captin David" cracked us all up... How about two or three times next week too?! Let me know.

  2. Cara - I love reading your blog. Thank you so much for doing it. You are quite the writer. I didn't know about this hidden talent! Fingers crossed that the Emend allows Reese to have a better day today and maybe let him work up to a whole pint of B&J! :-)

  3. By the way - "Jamie M. is Jamie VanderWal" Don't know why it used the middle initial?

  4. I hope the Emend continues to help Reese! I am glad that you are recognizing improvement. I love your positive attitude, sense of humor, and incredible thoughts and posts! Thank you for sharing! Love you all! (I am totally with you on the Target story...)