Friday, May 22, 2009


We are still waiting...waiting...waiting to find out Reese's pulmonary test results. I don't really have any answers on this front, but I wanted to post because I know so many of you are checking the blog and calling for updates.

On Wednesday, Reese had his pulmonary function test to assess whether the Bleomycin is damaging his lungs. We don't know the results of that yet. When we find out the results, we aren't sure if this will keep him from receiving the Bleomycin for the rest of his treatment. If that were to happen, we don't know exactly what impact the omission would have on his prognosis. We are just waiting.

Thank goodness I have 10 minutes in the car with a quiet 3 year-old and loud praise music to get my mind straight every morning after dropping Reese off. Letting him out of the car and watching him walk into the medical building alone is one of the most frustrating things I have to do during infusion week. Not knowing how the treatment will go, what unexpected complications may pop up, and what new test results will come in is scary for me. This morning, as I drove and listened to Ben Walther's version of Mighty to Save, I was reminded of something I'd read on a great blog a few weeks ago. When the blogger's tiny son was in the hospital with severe cardiac complications, a friend encouraged her that no matter what happens, this is not God's Plan B. There is no Plan B with Him. It's all still Plan A.

Even though I fret and get thrown by the twists and turns, He is neither surprised nor shaken by complications. Not only has He seen the road map, He wrote it.


  1. Phil. 4:12 -The secret Paul describes is Knowing Jesus - God wants the best which is not always what we think is the best. If we never suffered need, then we would NOT know the strength of Jesus. Faith is not real faith without a trial. there is something so precious about being in a trial and having a need and not knowing how that need is going to be provided for. I am so extactic that you, Cara Denise, understand your Savior - my heart is filled with joy. Mom

  2. Limbo and waiting are never fun...
    We are praying with you for guys as you travel down this road. ...on His road map!