Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Out of the fog

I think it's safe to say that Reese is starting to pull out of the "week one" fog that descends over our house every cycle. I actually heard him whistling along to Max & Ruby this morning. That's a good sign. He's been happily watching basketball non-stop today (what is up with all the basketball?) aside from a few cat naps. That's a good sign too, even though it means that all three kids plus Reese have been fighting for control of the remote tonight. I'm never going to get caught up with Dancing With the Stars.

I went along with him for his Bleomycin infusion today. He was also getting checked out by Dr. Minow, and I like to get updates straight from the expert every now and then. He said, basically, that Reese looks great for where he is in the process. He was a little concerned about his weight loss, concluding that it must be water weight, since his appetite has been so much better. So, an extra IV bag of fluids and a B-12 injection were added to today's regimen, as well as some more IV Zofran just for kicks. Dr. Minow also suggested bumping the Neulasta shot to Monday next time around, hoping that will reduce the bone pain.

All that extra stuff must have improved his appetite and mood because he requested some Carl's Jr. Six Dollar Slammers on the way home. Have you tried them? They are really good, and you know I'm not that crazy about Carl's food. Reese says they're only in limited markets so far, but they're little tiny burgers on King's Hawaiian Rolls. Okay, enough of the commercial...just try them.


  1. Yeah!!! He is asking for hamburgers... THIS is really good news to our hearts!

  2. Course I did have to read this around lunch time............so guess where I'm headed!!

    Hugs to Reesie from his barely older sister-in-law!


  3. Hey Donna, just think -- every dollar you spend at Carl's goes to support your sweet nephews and niece ;) Enjoy!

  4. Carl's is Shain and Eric's favorite fast food, but those commercials...come on now! So happy to read and journey with your family on this road to recovery. :)Amy Allen
    P.S. Any news on school for the boys? You wrote awhile ago about looking into something else. Love to chat about that one! :)

  5. Puh-lease. Tell Reese to stop copying us! We all know where the real burgers are sold! :-)

  6. You guys crack me up. Jamie -- you know that I'd much rather have me some Jack in the Box 2/.99 tacos than just about anything from Carl's, but...I gotta represent for the hubby! It IS interesting, the 6 Dollar Slammers are 4 for about $4 (Reese tells me it's their "$6 patty")? Whatever...they're good!