Saturday, April 11, 2009


If any of you pregnant ladies want to commiserate over symptoms with Reese, he's game. The therapy has turned him into a nauseated, swollen insomniac who is sensitive to smells and a little bit crabby. He must have octuplets in there, because it's worse than any pregnancy I've ever seen. Luckily, we're looking at 9 weeks of it, not 9 months.

The good news is that the nurses have given him the okay to celebrate Easter at church tomorrow with friends and family, as long as he's feeling up to it (and that part is still TBD). So, if you see him, refrain from big slobbery kisses and handshakes, but know he's very glad to see you!

Reese is updating our Netflix queue so he'll have lots of DVD's for the week ahead. Anyone have good suggestions? (not you, Garet...I kid, I kid!) We're off to the doctor's office in a bit to get his Neulasta shot which will help keep his white blood cells up . Please pray that he doesn't have too much bone pain, which is often associated with this drug. It works by revving up the bone marrow to make more WBC's and can be somewhat painful. Thank you!


  1. Goodness...Reese's symptoms sound oh so familiar. I am sorry he is feeling this way. Cara, I know you are taking such wonderful care of Reese...He is very lucky to have you! I am glad he will be able to celebrate Easter at church. It will be nice for all of you to go out and have a wonderful distraction with family and friends. I am always thinking of all of you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for the updates!

  2. Hahaha, nice! Too bad, you are getting more movie recommendations! Has Reese been bored enough to watch one of the ones I sent yet? Dhoom 2 is one of the Worst/Best movies ever! You will cringe at the acting, dialog, and action sequences, but love the music and dancing. I will make up a list of "must see" movies for you soon. Take care, and we hope to see you tomorrow.

  3. hey, try Gran Torino -- you'll not regret it. Trust me. Don't trust the Oscars... :)