Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Picking up speed

After being the ultimate couch potato for the past few days (with good reason) Reese is off to the office for a few hours again. You can only eat so much chicken noodle soup (thanks Binckes family!) and watch so much Chronicles of Riddick (thanks Weber family!) before you go a little nutty, so the outing should do him some good. Plus, it's Administrative Professionals' day and I think he didn't want to miss the chance to wish Christina, the most awesome assistant ever, a happy day and thank her for putting up with him! He promised he'll be back home by lunch time, but I'm not holding my breath.

He felt pretty run down over the weekend and up until yesterday when he finally got some good solid naps. The boys are back to school now that Spring Break is over, so that certainly helped. He compared the tiredness to how you feel after you've cleaned the garage all day long, except that you haven't done anything but sit around the house. It's just that bone-deep kind of tiredness that calls you right back to the couch after you fetch something from the kitchen, and makes taking a shower seem like a huge task.

His Bleomycin infusion was fairly uneventful on Monday. He had less aches and pains from it this time and no fever. His platelet count, however, was so low that the nurses had to get confirmation from the doctor before giving him his treatment. So, he won't be playing any broom hockey or running with scissors, and we're praying that he won't have trouble with nosebleeds, which he gets frequently (nosepicker! just kidding). Hopefully, that problem will resolve by Monday, when he starts all over again with the etoposide and cisplatin regimen. It's hard to believe that he's practically on to cycle #2.


  1. I take it Reese will get a shot of Neupogen or Neulasta to boost his WBC count before cycle 2 begins. All the best to you and Reese!

    Feel free to browse my blog (http://vinnysgotcancer.blogspot.com) to view my chemo hat collection.

  2. We are eager and excited to have another cousin play date (sleep over?). Whenever would be best and work well... let us know!
    Thinking of you, Stephanie Lynn

  3. Reese, Cara and family,

    I got your email about this blog (which is a great idea by the way) when I returned from vacation. I have read all of your posts and am now caught up. Just wanted to say that you are in my prayers as well as the prayers of your Bethany Family!! We love you guys!

    Kerry (at BCS)