Wednesday, April 8, 2009

There really are chemo drugs in there

Yesterday was a great day for Reese. He took the dog for a walk in the evening, ate a great dinner, and even assembled Ellery's birthday present (a wooden doll highchair). He went to bed pretty early, but I chalked that up to wanting to avoid watching Dancing with the Stars with me. Today it's apparent that yes, they really are putting chemotherapy drugs in those little I.V. bags. He's pretty tired out and feeling a bit nauseous. Nothing a ($80 per pill!) Zofran and a nap can't cure, but definitely noticeable.

He also had an episode today where his blood pressure plummeted when they put in his I.V. (likely related to why, as my labor coach, he almost fainted watching my epidural). We're going to hope that doesn't happen again, but the nurses took it in stride and simply accused him of trying to liven up the day just because he was getting bored with Sudoku.

On a side note, happy birthday to our sweet girl, Ellery, who turns three years old today. Thanks baby for being such a source of joy and a great distraction from all things cancer. You are Daddy's couch cuddler, edamame nibbler, Madeline's Rescue listener, home from work hugger, and all-around sidekick and we love you very much.


  1. Okay... we just saw this sweet thing--- this "Couch cuddler" and she welcomed us at the door with "I am sooo happy to see you!". What a joy! My heart is smiling. We love you Ellery Jane!

  2. Aww what a sweet picture of Ell and her daddy!