Tuesday, April 14, 2009

R & R

We are enjoying doing absolutely nothing around here. Absolutely nothing. We are shuffling around in our PJ's, eating off paper plates, and watching Everybody Loves Raymond reruns. It's kind of like vacation (except that it's about cancer), and this morning I had that weird thing where it feels like Saturday, but it's actually a regular old weekday. We are recuperating and trying our best, with relaxation and lots of fluids, to wash the yuck of the last week out of our systems. It's working well for me, and I think it's even working for Reese. Thank you so much to Dave & Steph and Nana for watching the kids, Reese's team for holding down the fort at CKE, and everyone else who is pitching in to help us flake out on all of our other responsbilities.

Reese had a little discomfort last night from the bleo treatment. He had the expected fever and aches, but by the time he got up this morning, he was feeling much better. I am pleasantly surprised at how well he's doing today. He's not excited about food, but he's eating it. He can go a couple of hours without a cat nap. He hasn't watched too much bad TV (although he did watch the same episode of The Colbert Report twice today).

A family friend e-mailed me a link to her blog where she's posted a precious snippet of dialogue between her daughter and herself and thoughts about cancer. Lisa, her husband, and two daughters are good friends and next door neighbors to my mom. Cade and Collin enjoy playing with the girls whenever they visit Nana's house, and always return home with tales of their adventures together. You can check out Lisa's post at Books on the Brain. Since Reese's diagnosis, we've also had some very enlightening and funny conversations with our kids about body parts. I think you'll like this one. While you're over there, click around and soak up her wonderful blog -- it's a treasure trove of resources, discussions, and reviews for any lover of books. Enjoy!


  1. so glad you had a good relaxing day - where is Miss El? The boys had a great time flying their kites with Uncle Dave, Steph and the kids - arrived here about 4:30 and headed for Zack and Zoey cuz the girls next door weren't home. Collin had noodles, Cade had the usual - pancakes - they had to watch dancing with the stars and then to sleep - Cade and Nana had a great talk about the Book of the Rev. He is really into that stuff and Nana is teaching it on Thur. He even knew that God keeps our tears in a bottle - so we looked up the verse in Psalms -Have a good night - sleep well my loves

  2. Continue to "just veg" as long as you can!

    I really enjoy the posts.....when is the book due out?

    Love to Mr. Reesie

    Barely older sis........Donna

  3. Donna -- you know that everything I know about writing, I learned from my barely older sister and her awesome Christmas letters!