Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hat shopping

It's time. The last few early mornings, Reese's cheeks have been baby soft, when they are normally so prickly I wrinkle up my nose when I kiss him. His poor little hair follicles are saying, "We surrender!" He had a hair cut appointment previously scheduled and considered cancelling it altogether, but instead had John cut it super short in preparation. He's hoping this way the drain won't get clogged up in our shower when it starts to come out.

Do you know how hard it is to find a soft knit hat in April in Southern California? Luckily, I am the Queen of Internet Shopping. If you Google "chemotherapy hats", it actually pulls up quite a few options, but some of them are definitely NOT going to work. Here are just a few from a site that specializes in hats for people dealing with hair loss:
too jaunty

too Euro

too Gangsta

too, uh...elvish?

Can you imagine him in some of these? I promise I will NOT turn to Photoshop to give you a visual. Reese is really not a "hat guy", so maybe that's why this is proving particularly difficult. I mean, when he's golfing or we're in the sun all day long at Disneyland, he'll wear a baseball cap (usually with a Grateful Dead logo on it), but those are a bit scratchy. I can't imagine him wearing a cap all that frequently after he loses his hair, but that treatment room in the oncology office can get pretty chilly. It's just one of those things we'll be getting used to. Our new normal. We'll let you know what he ends up picking.


  1. The elf one could work in the chemo room. It could do double duty as a neck warmer. Of course he'd look pretty silly.. but at least he'd be warm!

  2. Good point, Lisa. We may have to put that one back on the shopping list ;)

  3. I'm thinking that the elvish one would be the best of the bunch, but there does seem to be a dearth of good grateful dead inspired chemo hat options. :)

  4. I think he would look fab in the "jaunty" hat...

  5. Hi Cara, just stopping by looking for a Reese update.. I hope today was a good day.

  6. Hi Cara and Reese-
    Thanks for keeping us all updated on this journey. I am so glad to see that you have your faith to guide you and God to lean on.
    My best to you and your family.

    Lisa Ritts Marshall

    PS- and for the record, I vote for the "gangsta" hat. It looks like just the right thing to wear while kicking cancer's butt. Its all about the attitude. ;)

  7. I think he should get one of each and then he would look like he has multiple personalities. He could wear a different hat for whatever mood he was in for the day.

  8. Hi Cara,

    Thank you very much for sharing Reese's condition. Hope he recovers soon.

    Best wishes to you, Reese and the family.

    Frank Ha @ Deloitte